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Paracord Bracelets – Have Fun Creating Them

paracord braceletParacord Bracelet

A paracord bracelet is made from material used for parachute cords. The cord is elasticized. This boosts its ability and strength to carry a high amount of weight, which is beneficial as a parachute cord. Paracord came from parachute cord. Clever designers of outdoor jewelry have included the material for outdoor products, which are used and worn by outdoor types of persons. The paracord bracelet has become a must-have accessory in any outdoor adventurists survival kit.


Originally, a paracord was wrapped around one’s wrist and worn as bracelets to show a precaution, which is used in emergency cases and later, they became associated with anyone who enjoys pitting their strength and skill against a hostile area. At present, the paracord bracelet is a fashion statement. This is typically worn by anyone who wants to be seen as adventurous and this is also a symbol of nature by those who are involved with the wild animals and wild habitats.

Paracord bracelets may be bought ready-made. They are available in several designs and colors. The basic design uses the fundamentals of macramé knots and the elasticity of the paracord makes it the ideal material for making paracord bracelets. Lots of people are now learning the skills of macramé to make their own unique survival bracelets. Oftentimes, friends create such bracelets. They wear these as a sign of their friendship.


Making your own paracord survival bracelet is simple. It is also entertaining and fun. They are ideal for hikers or runners who can wear reflective paracord bracelets for visibility. They are also ideal for school projects and for sale at some fairs as fundraisers.

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People love to buy paracord bracelets at markets and craft stalls and you could even start your own business online by selling beautiful paracord bracelets. Use your imagination and create paracord bracelets as a gift for birthdays and some celebrations as a personal, hand-made, and stunning gift for family and friends.


Below are some of the known paracord bracelet patterns.


This is a fun pattern to make using one, two or four colors. The box like pattern is extremely ornate and the colors can be suited to themes for various fundraisers. Customized color combinations can be customized for celebrating holidays and other celebrations like Valentine’s Day.


This pattern is known as a Chain Sinnet that uses a noticeably small knot in a caterpillar or snake like style. Backpackers are just some of those who are using this pattern. It is because this is easy to undo when needed.

how to make lotion3. SAW TOOTH PATTERN

how to make lotion

This pattern will give you a picture of a shark’s teeth. This has also a variation on Cobra bracelets and very extraordinary. This isn’t a close weaved. Plus, much complex like some patterns but this is ideal and interesting for bracelets.


This is really unique pattern, more rounded than the traditional Cobra Weave pattern and is a lot easy to do than it looks.


This pattern is very versatile. The reason behind it is that this can be wrapped around the wrist for how many times and it is up to you if you will make it short or long. If you have selected the colors perfectly, you can make a bracelet that is the same as the rattle snake’s tail.

Take some time to check out these cool patterns and how much fun you can have designing your own custom made paracord bracelets.