Creating Your Own Lotion

How to make lotionDIY projects

If you want lotion yet you’re concerned about the chemicals used in products that are available in stores, there is another option. You can practice making your own lotion in the comfort of your own home. Through this, you will have an idea about its ingredients. You will have peace of mind by knowing that the ingredients used are all natural. There are various ways that you can make variations with your lotion. You can do this once you have become comfortable with the creation process.You will be required to use a moisturizing oil to start your recipe.

One of the best oil you can use is the almond oil. But, you can also try using avocado and other oils that you like. Make certain that you are not using cooking oil. Go to an online or local health food store for you to make sure that you got skin oil. Add a half amount of it in cocoa butter. Use glass pot to warm cocoa butter in a low heat. Wait until it is completely heated. Use a whisk to ensure ingredients are well blended. Place mixture into your chosen container and place it in a refrigerator.

How to make lotion

Both of these ingredients are very moisturizing to the skin. A little amount of this can go a long way so experiment as many as you want. This very simple lotion works well used directly from a jar compared with a pump. There are many other ingredients that you can add once you are ready. The same refrigerating and blending process can be applied to all of these.Liquid vitamin E is a great addition to the lotion. It has healing properties, just like the cocoa butter. Use an amount equal to the cocoa butter. If you have had any injury to your skin, this will help to heal it more quickly. If this is your case, then apply it only for several times a day.

How to build a smokehouseTea tree oil also contains healing properties. That is why it is also a great addition to your lotion. Aside from having a medicinal scent, this is also best as an antibacterial agent. Add several drops per ounce of lotion to extend the shelf life of the lotion and to increase the healing power of your lotion.Lavender essential oil is extremely beneficial to the skin. This provides a softening element to the lotion. This also comes with a pleasant and relaxing odor. You can add some drops of it in each ounce of the lotion. But, you can also use any amount of it depending on your needs.

How to build a smokehouse

If you use either of these essential oils or some other ones you discover along the way, wait until the mixture is removed from the heat before adding them. You don’t want them to vaporize away easily during the process of heating. Whisk the added ingredients and the mixture thoroughly. Do this before you placed it in a storage container.Making your own products is a great way to know exactly what you are using on your body. This lotion recipe is simple to make and has endless variations. You can use this to make your own lotion. Or, you can give it to others who are fond of using natural products. You will be pleased that you have decided to place forth the effort to create your own body lotion created in your home.


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